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 The Seattle Branch Presents


THE CHRIST EVENT OF THE 21ST CENTURY - Singularity & Immortality

The Event with Dr. Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon    July 6-7, 2012


At: Seattle Waldorf School’s Huckleberry Hall 2728 NE 100 Seattle , 98125

Sponsored by:  Center For Anthroposophical Endeavors 


Please see attached flier for registration details

Friday, July 6

6:30 pm Doors Open

7:00 pm  Film “Transcendent Man “ followed by a discussion concerning the effects on modern civilization as technology progresses in our 21st century and beyond.

Saturday, July 7

8:30 am Doors Open

9:00 am “The Christ Event of the 21st Century”

11:00 am Lunch Break - Bring your own lunch or order  Box Lunch below   $12

12:15 pm Introduction to Social Yoga Workshop I

3:15 pm Break

3:30 pm Introduction to Social Yoga Workshop II

Sunday, July 8

10:00 am  Meeting the community interested in learning more about continued spiritual education through The Global School where founder and director Dr. Ben-Aharon has developed and implemented his spiritual scientific researches of this Event and described it from various points of view in his books, “The New Experience of The Supersensible”,   “The Spiritual Event of The 21st Century”, “America’s Global Responsibility”, and “The Event in Science, History, Philosophy and Art”. The Global School takes spiritual development and training away from closed rooms and hidden sanctuaries and places it firmly within the external reality of the modern world. A radical reversal of existing paths of meditation, contemplation and enlightenment leading to intensified actualization and realization of creative conscious cognition in all of life’s tasks.